How our model works

The SAY School of Business is based on the ‘pathway model’, which means that we are a bridge between students current and future learning. In practice, students study with us for the first one, two or so years, then finish their degree at one of our designated partner universities. Pathways start with the students’ end goals in mind and then provide support programmes and services to enable students to achieve these goals. The model focuses on laying out a clear, cohesive and complete academic programme for students and aligning the support to assist students down their program path to successful completion at university.


Central to the pathways model are clear, educationally coherent programmes, which map learning outcomes, specific course sequences, teaching, progress milestones and assessments that are aligned to the next education destination of the students.

These plans simplify student decision-making, whilst enabling the SAY School of Business to provide predictable schedules, regular feedback and targeted support as needed to help students stay on track and complete their programmes in a timely fashion. This means that as long as full-fledged universities exist, there will be a welcomed need to supply those institutions with suitable candidates for enrolment.