Level 5 Diploma in Business and Management


By partnering with ATHE, we have gained access to three levels of Business and Management (B&M) Qualifications that are designed to provide learners with entry level job prospects in a range of industries, with a core selection of management subjects such as Managing People, Marketing, Finance and Strategy and a wide selection of optional specialisms such as Business Ethics and Islamic Finance.


Course Overview

The ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Business and Management has been designed for learners who wish to develop the skills and knowledge required for roles in mid-level management. They have also been developed in partnership with universities by the ATHE with progression in mind and enable learners to continue to a range of undergraduate Business & Management degrees. There are two different qualifications available on the specification.

1. If you study the 60-credit diploma, then you must study two (2) mandatory units and two (2) optional units.

2. If you study the 120-credit extended diploma, then you must study four (4) mandatory units and four (4) optional units.

  • Designed with support from universities
  • Will be delivered by distance learning.
  • Graded Pass, Merit or Distinction
Am I Eligible for this Course?

The SAY School is guided by the ATHE’s policy regarding access to qualifications. Qualifications are designed for learners who are typically aged 18 and above, and who have recently been in education or training the entry profile is likely to include one of the following:

  •  prior study in business, management or related subjects at level 4 or above
  • a level 4 qualification for example an ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Business and Management or an ATHE Level 4 Diploma in Business and Administrative Management
  • Other equivalent international qualifications
  • Learners must also have an appropriate standard of English to enable them to access relevant resources and complete the unit assignments.

Units (60-credit diploma)

  • Managing Communication
  • Business Organisations in a Global Context
  • People Management
  • Plus 1 Option

Units (120-credit extended diploma)

  • Managing Communication
  • Business Organisations in a Global Context
  • People Management
  • Finance for Managers
  • Research Project

Plus 3 Options https://athe.co.uk/athe-level-5-extended-diploma-in-management/

University Progression

Learners will have two terms, i.e. two intensive teaching blocks (~2 months) to complete all units. Completion of the L5 Diploma (B&M) enables entry onto the third year of the top-up BSc degree at a(n) ATHE university, online or on campus. For more information, see: https://athe.co.uk/athe-level-5-extended-diploma-in-management/

Course Fees

The fee for the L5 Diploma (B&M) is GBP £1,499 payable in full on registration.