Level 6 in Applied Enterprise and Entrepreneurship


Applied Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (E&E) is a multi-disciplinary programme of studies developed by the SAY School of Business to enable learners to achieve full and recognised educational qualifications in business, management and E&E our independently negotiated university partners. Applied Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (E&E) is a bespoke and proprietary programme, which provides learners with the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, the complete set of entrepreneurial skills, whilst engaging with the process and the ability to function effectively in an existing business or to plan, join or set up and run a new business venture.


Course Overview

Level 6 (Year 3) Diploma in Applied Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Course Overview

The Level 6 (Year 3) Diploma is a 120-credit qualification, for which learners must complete a total of seven (7) mandatory or ‘core’ units worth 120 credits.

Am I Eligible for this Course?

Entry Criteria

The SAY School’s policy regarding access to Applied E&E do not focus on what has been done prior to joining SAY, but on the rich possibilities of what can be done upon successful completion of the qualifications. The L4 Diploma in Applied E&E is designed for learners who are aged 18 and above, and who may have recently been in education or training. The entry profile is likely to include one or more of the following:

  • A proven capacity for self-motivation and independent study;
  • An educational qualification equivalent to a UK Level 3 or a High School Certificate or Diploma;
  • Work experience or other equivalent qualification;
  • An appropriate level of spoken and written English (English level may be tested verbally before start).

L6 Diploma (E&E) Syllabus

  • Innovation Management (15 credits)
  • Entrepreneurial Business Models (15 credits)
  • Technology Innovation Management (15 credits)
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship (15 credits)
  • Managing a Social Enterprise (15 credits)
  • Managing a Growing Business (15 credits)
  • Final Business Planning Project (30 credits)

Our teaching is delivered in intensive teaching blocks, which lasts for a set number of weeks, so learners have from one term (~2 months) to three terms (~6 months) to complete all units. Upon successful completion of a Level 6 Diploma (E&E), the following progression opportunities are open to learners:

  • the Level 7 Diploma or Extended Diploma in Business & Management or Business & Administrative Management;
  • a degree programme in a SAY partner university with the ability to claim exemptions for the units completed; or
  • start their own new business venture under the mentorship of the SAY School of Business
Course Fees

The fee for the L6 Diploma (E&E) is GBP £1,999 payable in full on registration.

N.B. If purchased as a package of three diplomas, the total fee is £3,999 payable in full on initial registration.