Our Team

The SAY School of Business has been established to build on a successful approach to teaching Business, Management, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (E&E), developed from a combined experience over 30 years in major UK universities world top Accelerators. Our basic purpose is to develop business practitioners who will be successful in whatever commercial context they select or create.


Management Team

Student Recruitment and Support
Headed up by Dr. Yuliana Topazly, an award-winning Entrepreneur, who has mentored, coached and advised hundreds of startups before teaching and supervising numerous students at several UK universities.
Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Headed up by an experienced Director, who has mentored, coached and advised hundreds of businesses before teaching and supervising numerous students at a range of UK universities.
The SAY teaching resource will draw on the extensive experience of its entire team, supplemented with Associate Practitioner Lecturers who will deliver our Business and Management and Applied Enterprise and Entrepreneurship curricula and assist with mentoring our students, each of whom will have a Mentor assigned on registration.
Finance and Operations
Headed by Mr. Qasem Alali, who has years of international finance experience, after having attained his PG degree at a UK university and studied on the first ever pathway model in the UK.