The SAY School of Business is accredited by Awards Training in Higher Education (ATHE) and Open College Network London (OCN). Accreditations give assurances, and rightly so, because they provide an impartial third-party ‘seal of quality’ for the School’s online programmes of study which will carry weight with employers, higher education institutions, and prospective students, especially those based internationally. What the SAY School values most, however, is its growing number of direct relationships with UK universities that have established programmes in Business & Management and Applied Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (E&E).


ATHE are an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation providing QCF qualifications to over 200 centres around the world and OCN London is a national not-for-profit organisation that creates and awards qualifications. They work in partnership with educators, training providers, charities and employers to help transform people’s lives through learning. OCN is a specialist provider of certified short courses for over 25 years, which could aid in developing and validating the short-term training programmes to be conducted at SAYSB. Currently, SAYSB is in the process of completing the OCN accreditation requirements. In preparation for the OCN accreditation, SAYSB is in the process of preparing ten policies which are given below.

 ATHE (Awards for Training and Higher Education)

 OCN London




University Pathways

Accreditation by ATHE gives the SAY School of Business access to more than 20 mid-tier universities which will enable us to provide more choice for learners who wish to complete undergraduate studies in well-recognised universities and directly offer learning curricula associated with a variety of university degrees through the ATHE learning platform.

Accordingly, while degrees will be provided/awarded by partner universities, the SAY School of Business will deliver the learning programmes that provide a pathway to degrees through relationships building with the following universities, which have a business school and generally compatible programmes of study:




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Students can pursue award qualifications in Business and Management (B&M), Business and Administrative Management (B&AM) or Applied
Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (E&E), whichever area of business interests them most.