Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Teaching and learning at higher education institutions cover a range of approaches and activities to accommodate the multiple intelligences generally and enable learners to demonstrate knowledge of the learning outcomes stated in each unit, specifically. In the context of SAY School, teaching will be conducted via e-learning/distance learning using a blended approach, to make best use of electronic and social media while not losing substance. Assessments will be known well in advance and published in student online diaries.


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Our teaching focuses on levels 4, 5 and 6 and pursuit of the university undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) of the QCF Framework (see above). It is delivered in intensive teaching blocks, lasting for a set number of weeks (depending on course) but with the flexibility to complete in a longer time.

Teaching covers a range of activities to promote learning, engagement and motivation of learners to progress and complete studies, including:

• The sequence and complete cycle of teaching (delivery schedule is hard-wired in the student’s calendar)
• Intensive teaching supplemented by directed study (specific recommended dates in the student’s calendar)
• Self-study/Independent study (suggested dates in the student’s calendar)
• Assessment (assessments are hard-wired in the school’s syllabus and student’s calendar)