Virtual Business Incubator

The SAY Virtual Business Incubator combines collaboration and teleconferencing technologies in our proprietary e-mentoring platform to provide continual support to early-stage ventures. Over the 6-12 months programme, SAY endeavours to turn ideas into viable businesses in an affordable way, while introducing them to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Benefits of joining the SAY Virtual Business Incubator

  • Assistance with validating business idea through “stress testing”  
  • Refinement of new venture ideas into viable businesses in a safe learning environment
  • Access to a unique combination of process, services and support infrastructure
  • Access to a customised learning programme, learning materials and mentorship
What is included in the SAY Virtual Business Incubation Program

  • Access to experienced facilitators to help you on your entrepreneurial journey
  • Action focused process to guide you through each phase of the journey
  • Access to a customised learning programme and resources
  • Peer to peer support network to help you to create and grow your network
  • Online Training to cover key topics to successfully develop your business idea into viable venture
  • Certificate in Applied Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
How to apply

Initially, we ask for a short description of your business idea, in your own words (our application has details). Upon review, we outline a development programme specific to the idea, market and industry. Once agreed, we begin work with you to help turn your idea into reality.

Contact us now for more information and a copy of the application form: 

If successful in joining the programme, you will be required to

  • Pay an application fee of £599, at which time you are assigned a mentor and given access to our e-mentoring platform
  • Start engagement at the agreed date and time, and agree a schedule/diary of regular contacts with your mentor
  • Keep your mentor up to date on your progress via our mentoring platform.
  • Be respectful and appreciate the guidance provided by your mentors.
  • Allocate at least 7-10 hours per week to work on your business idea.